"Kaga Yubinuki" is not a just functional thimble
but lightweight, very soft-touch and decorative.

What's Kaga Yubinuki?

"Kaga Yubinuki" is a traditional Japanese ring shaped thimble made with Japanese thin silk threads and paper.

  • Kaga


    an old province in Japan.
  • Yubinuki


    a ring shaped thimble

In the Edo period (1603-1867) in Kaga, Kimono seamstresses started to make thimbles with leftover silk threads.

"Kaga Yubinuki" is getting popular in Japan again, since Ms. Yukiko Ohnishi has published the manual book to make "Kaga Yubinuki."

We also started to make "Kaga Yubinuki" with her wonderful books.

Where is our name "KINUKA" from?

  • Kinu :Seide


  • Ka (kana-deru) :musizieren


    "music playing"


Our Kaga Yubinuki Jewellery is available on Etsy and at the Japanese store in Munich

"Suzuki - Nomnom Kitchen" | Rumford Str. 40, 80469 M√ľnchen

Handmade jewellery with Japanese silk threads

Besides Kaga Yubinuki we also use different types of techniques but always with high quality Japanese silk threds.

handmade jewellery with silk threads

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